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In today’s busy and modern world we all spend a lot of time in our cars, I included, and sometimes I feel like I send half my life behind the wheel. Therefore having a reliable, well built and good quality car stereo is a must. If you enjoy music, keeping up to date with the latest news and need to make and receive hands free phone calls while on the road then a modern car stereo will need to be part of your car and you daily commute. The best Kenwood Car Stereo on the market is the DPX500BT-Double-Stereo-Receiver as it really does tick all of the boxes. Here are my thoughts on this fantastic car stereo.

Main Features of the Kenwood Car Stereo, DPX500BT-Double-Stereo-Receiver

Here are some of the features of the Kenwood car stereo:

  • Pandora Link means you can listen to your iPhone via the Siri Cloud
  • Bluetooth compatible for making hands free calls
  • You can stream music which is an added bonus
  • This car stereo features Pandora Internet Radio, iHeart Radio and AhaTM.
  • There is an access key on the front panel so your phone is within easy reach
  • Features - CD, MP3, USB Receiver with Remote
  • This car stereo has a 2-way iPod control. You can control from iPod or stereo
  • Variable Colour Illumination

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What Are the Main Advantages?

  • Bluetooth Audio and Hands Free Calling:  If like me, you do an awful lot of travelling, then the ability to make a hands free call is a must, so this is definitely an added bonus.
  • Sound quality: This stereo has excellent sound quality, it really cannot be faulted. Even when the volume is cranked up to the max, and I like to play my music loud, there is absolutely no distortion in sound quality.
  • Phone book/call history: This is clearly displayed on the head unit.
  • Listening to audio via Bluetooth:  This is absolutely flawless. I can easily control the music I listen to through the buttons on the head unit as well as through my phone. This feature is incredibly easy to use.
  • Iheart radio/Pandora:  This is an excellent addition to this car stereo. The ability to listen to radio from multiple stations and digitally makes my less more easy. If you love radio then this is the stereo for you.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Perhaps the display could be a little brighter for daytime use, but this is a minor detail.

This Kenwood car stereo needs a wiring harness adapter and an installation kit to install, so perhaps a little bit more tricky than other car stereos to put in your car, but to be honest I found the while installation process not too difficult.

You really need to download the full instruction manual from the Kenwood website.

What Does the Stereo Cost?

The Kenwood car stereo is having list price at 279.99$.However, it is discount up to 50% now and is retailing on Amazon Only at $139.99>>Check Price Here<< .It means that you will save 140$ if buying it.Hurry up and get one or this discount will end  any time.

I think that this is an excellent price for the quality that you are buying, as well as all of the added features. It’s Bluetooth compatible; you can use your smartphone and play CD’s, so it really does do pretty much everything. I simply cannot fault it.

How is the Kenwood Car Stereo Best Used?

In my humble opinion, this Kenwood car stereo is really suited to the radio lover. You have so many radio stations at your fingertips that your fingertips that you will always find that song/radio drama/ or news that you are searching for.

It’s Bluetooth compatible so if you, like me, need to make those all-important calls to the office, then this car stereo is an excellent choice, as you are in constant communication.

Who Would Benefit from Owning a Kenwood Car Stereo?

Everyone! If you love your music, then this is the car stereo for you. It has excellent sound quality; you can listen to the radio, downloaded music, stream music as well as being able to listen to your favourite CD’s.

If you are a gadget lover, like me, then again you will love this stereo, as the whole unit can be controlled through your iPod!

It has a Bluetooth feature, so this in itself is of benefit to everyone. It just make the stereo and all of its features that much more accessible.

What Are People Saying About It?

People love this Kenwood car stereo, me included. Popular comments include those such as:

  • “The iPhone connects easily and can stream music over the Bluetooth technology”
  • “Excellent sound quality cannot be faulted.”
  • “There are more than 20 colours to choose from on the illuminated display.”
  • “For the price, this is an excellent product.”

Final Thought

This Kenwood car stereo with its built in Bluetooth technology is a much needed feature as you can make all of hose important work calls, while using the hands free feature. I need this feature for all the travelling that I do.

I especially like the fact that the USB port allows both iPods and iPhones to be used as well as SD cards.

This stereo also looks awesome, especially with its colourful illuminated display and let’s faces it, looks really do count.

This really is the best Kenwood car stereo on the market. If you simply love the radio then this is the stereo for you.

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