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Car Alarms
They are probably the most ignored devices in society today. Very few people give them more than an irritated glare. Thieves know this and are unconcerned. Manufacturers of car alarms also know this which is why some of them have been working overtime to bring new innovations to the market.
A comprehensive search of the actual and virtual market places and the testing of several products revealed some exciting improvements. Here are some of the more noteworthy examples of how the car security industry is trying to keep your vehicle safe.

Too Many Keys?
Many pre-market alarms use the ignition key as the alarm remote. This single unit can arm and disarm the system as well operate the door and trunk locks.
Now the remotes on some of the after-market alarms can be programmed to do this, thus eliminating the need to carry another bulky key around with you.
Alarm remotes are also a lot smarter these days. Wailing car alarms are ignored because the general public is only concerned when their cars are tampered with. The more recent remotes are able to receive a warning signal when the alarm is triggered, thus alerting the owner. The more sophisticated alarms go one step further; they can communicate with the owner’s smart phone, sending a text message if the car is interfered with.

Total Coverage
At the top end of the market are alarm systems that monitor the whole state of your vehicle and alert you to any change that may take place. In the past, a careful thief could jack your car up and steal the wheels without disturbing the alarm. Now, sensors monitor every aspect of the car down to the suspension. The security system will sense if the car is being moved or jacked up and raise the alarm.

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