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The Best The Be The best Bluetooth car stereo on the market is most definitely the -BOSS-BV9362BI-Double-Din-Touchscreen-Hands-free car stereo. In today’s busy world, were we all lead incredibly active and hectic lives, the ability to stay in touch, no matter where we are is extremely important. I do so much traveling that having a Bluetooth compatible car stereo is an absolute necessity in my life. This fact, coupled with the GPS feature makes this Bluetooth car stereo instantly desirable to me. This stereo also makes listening to music incredibly easy as the system itself is so incredibly easy to use. However this stereo is so much more than a Bluetooth gadget toy. Here are my reasons why.

Main Features of the BOSS Bluetooth Car Stereo

Here are the main features of the BV9362BI-Double-Din-Touchscreen-Hands-free car stereo:

  • Full IPod control and navigation via the phone
  • Easy to use rotary volume control, I love this feature
  • GPS software is installed
  • CD/Radio and is compatible with smartphone and MP3 players
  • Bluetooth hands free technology
  • Ability to listen to music abroad with both US & Europe Tuner Frequencies
  • Video and Rear camera input

What Are the Main Advantages?

  • Rotary volume control: in my opinion this is so much easier to use than the usual standard push buttons. It also looks a lot nicer.
  • GPS Navigation: This feature is excellent and cannot be faulted. The maps and routes are kept up to date and if you do a lot of travelling to places relatively unknown then this feature is a must have.
  • Sound Quality:  Every car stereo must have excellent sound quality and this Bluetooth car stereo does not disappoint. The same quality of sound is heard via the radio/CD player and any portable device.
  • DVD function: Having a car stereo that has the ability to play DVD’s is an absolute winner. I often travel with my family, so having the option to play a DVD is a neat addition in my book.
  • Bluetooth function: This again cannot be faulted. You can make hands free calls access all of your playlists at the touch of a button and listen to any streamed music. What’s not to like? It does exactly what is says.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The front AUX-IN port may be possibly be a little too close to the volume control but this is such a minor detail.

The display may be a little bright for some people’s preferences.

What Does the Stereo Cost?

This car stereo is retailing on Amazon for $152.62 and I think that for a Bluetooth car stereo with GPS navigation and additional DVD function, this is a very reasonable price. You get a high quality car stereo at a very affordable price.

How is the BOSS Bluetooth Car Stereo Best Used?

This car stereo has two really useful functions. As already mentioned, if you do a lot of driving, as I do, then the GPS function is a welcome feature. This is especially true if you have to travel to new and unknown places for work. Secondly, you can listen to music when abroad, so again of you need to drive abroad you can still listen to your favourite music.

Of course, the Bluetooth function, also allows for all of those important hands free phone calls. I need this feature in a car stereo so this stereo most certainly does not disappoint.

Now for the obvious – listening to music! This stereo sounds great, so turn that volume up and enjoy.

Who Would Benefit from Owning a BOSS Bluetooth Car Stereo?

The simple answer here is everyone! You can listen to all of your music. You can play DVD’s/CD’s tune into the radio (even when abroad), you can make hands free phone calls and there is also the fabulous GPS function. This car stereo does, well – everything. Therefore for the music lover and the person who is on the road an awful lot, this stereo is an absolute winner. I for one love it.

What are People saying about it?

Here is what some people are saying about this Bluetooth car stereo:

  • “The audio sounds good and is pretty clear.”
  • “The camera works great!”
  • “This car stereo’s GPS system is awesome.”
  • “I highly recommend this stereo to everyone, good price.” :-)

Final Thought

The BOSS Bluetooth car stereo is primarily a Bluetooth functional stereo that allows you to listen to music from any portable device as well as being able to stream your music. You can of course also make and receive hands free phone calls.

The real beauty of this car stereo though is that it comes with GPS Navigation which makes this car stereo that extra special. If you travel a lot by car then this car stereo is well worth checking out as the GPS function is excellent.

Also, if you do a lot of traveling abroad, then the ability to pick up radio transmissions while in Europe is also an added bonus. I just think that this car stereo is well worth the money for all of the fantastic features that you get. Therefore, this is why I think that this is the best Bluetooth car stereo on the market.


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