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          When When searching for a car stereo that allows you to play CD’s, MP3’s and is IPod and Bluetooth compatible, then you cannot go far wrong with the Pioneer FH-X700BT In-Dash Car Stereo. This pioneer car stereo is a #1 Amazon bestseller and this is for a good reason. Here is why.

This car stereo allows you to listen to all of your favorite music while on the move, including music on CD/MP3 as well as being able to stream music from your iPod or IPhone. The stereo is also Bluetooth compatible so you can make those all-important phone calls while driving. This car stereo has so much to offer.

Main Features of the Pioneer Car Stereo

There are many varied and useful features that include the following:

  • Pioneer FH-X70BT Double Din Single CD Receiver is able to play 1 Disc
  • USB port is compatible for Apple iPod/ iPhone meaning that you can listen to music or podcasts already stored on your phone or alternatively you can stream your music.
  • Bluetooth technology also allows you to stream music as well as making hands free phone calls.
  • The stereo features both USB and AUX inputs on the front panel.
  • You can choose from multiple colours for your LCD display illumination.
  • Stereo comes complete with a wiring harness, cage, and full instructions.
  • The radio features 18 FM presets.
  • The stereo comes complete with a remote control.

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What Are the Main Advantages?

  • Sound Quality: Well, firstly there is excellent sound quality, and this is what every great car stereo should be based upon. Pioneer is known for their excellence and this car stereo is no exception. There is a great clarity of sound when listening to your music in the car. There is no distortion and muffling of sound.
  • MP3 compatible: This pioneer car stereo is MP3 compatible. I was simply amazed by its clear audio quality. The Bluetooth support I also found to be a lovely extra touch and a huge improvement on my previous stereo. I also found that the microphone for the Bluetooth adapter also worked extremely well.
  • USB port: The USB port is also an added advantage as this means that you can listen to music from any flash drive.
  • Installation: The stereo is also extremely easy to install. This is aided by the user’s manual which gives step by step and illustrated instructions on how to install the stereo in your car.
  • Colours: You are able to set many different colours for your display panel and this allows you to customise the stereo and make it your own. The bright colours are also fantastic when you are driving at night.
  • Size: Lastly size is all important. This car stereo is on the small size which means that it is extremely portable as well as not taking up to much room on your dash.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

This car stereo does cost a little more than your average car stereo but then again you are paying for quality and all of the added extras that this stereo provides.

Some individuals may feel that the unit is a little too bright and perhaps a little distracting when driving at night. The side bar lights cannot be switched off or dimmed.

What Does the Stereo Cost?

At present, this unit is retailing on Amazon at $136.99  >>check more about price here<< and I think that this is an extremely good price. You are buying a quality stereo and the price reflects this.

How is the Pioneer Car Stereo Best Used?

This very much depends upon your lifestyle and how you use your car to travel.  If you are going about your daily commute and want to keep up to date with all the latest news and in your local community, then the ability to listen to the radio is vital.

If you make a lot of business calls while driving and need to continue to do so, then the use of a hands free phone too, is also needed.

If you simply enjoy music and want to have all of your music compilations at your fingertips then this car stereo allows you this luxury as you can play music that is stored on any portable device.

Who Would Benefit from Owning a Pioneer Car Stereo?

This car stereo is a great investment for anyone. If you love music, keeping up to fate with the local news and want to have access to your portable derives then this is the stereo for you.

What are People saying about it?

People are generally excited about this car stereo and all of its useful features. Comments from consumers include those of:

  • “The stereo is extremely easy to install”
  • “It is a great quality stereo”
  • “You can change the colour of the lights on the display panel”
  • “The Bluetooth feature is ideal for when you need to make that all important phone call”

Final Thought

This pioneer car stereo really is great value for money, I really cannot fault it. I can play my music from my iPod as well as streaming music from Spotify, it’s simply perfect. This car stereo, although only small, truly delivers and is the best that money can buy, I love it and I would have a hard job living without it now. If you too, love your music and want to listen to your favourite tunes on a crystal clear speaker system then buy a pioneer car stereo, you won’t be disappointed.

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